Accelerate innovation Our AI-powered platform increases the pace of software development.


Our team consists of certified experts in full-stack development, QA, design, and marketing dedicated to revolutionizing the training industry by constantly innovating with AI technology. 

With 10+ years of expertise in the training industry, our mission is to help our clients establish limitless training processes and reach new heights of innovation.

Determined to scale the training industry, we reshape your professional training approach and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

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Our mission

At Ethermind our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to rapidly adapt in an ever-evolving world through cutting-edge, secure AI-driven learning solutions. We are committed to fostering a growth mindset and a learn-it-all attitude, enabling continuous learning and development with uncompromised data privacy and security.

Welcome to Ethermind
Theodor V Panayotov

Theodor Panayotov

Ethermind was founded in January 2024 by Teodor Panayotov. He has an extensive background in IT training – as a certified IT instructor and a Business Development Manager at Fast Lane. He was also the youngest Certified Cisco Systems Instructor in Europe at the time of his certification. Having personally experienced the major problems of IT training providers, their clients and instructors, Teodor set out to solve them.

He founded Ethermind with a mission to make IT training more accessible, more efficient and bring better results for everyone. We found out that the best way to do that is to help enterprises and IT training providers improve the quality of their training and reduce their costs.

Shaping powerful AI solutions is what we do best

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