Accelerate innovation Our AI-powered platform increases the pace of training development.


EtherMind for Certification vendors

Shaping the Next-Generation Training Space

Use Ethermind Copilot to engage your audience in an interactive fashion.


Rather than reading or watching videos, they can have a conversation with an AI expert Persona.

AI copilots come pre-trained with with limitless knowledge potential

Training copilot with closed-source knowledge on Cybersec, SCRUM, IoT, Data Science, Management, and more.

Training data security guaranteed

Ethermind never uses your library for third-party purposes unless you choose to start monetizing licensing materials.

Productized AI platform designed to solve real-life problems

Mix and match hundreds of tech and management courses with your content library, OR create your own AI personas trained exclusively with your knowledge base.

Interactive learning for lasting knowledge retention

Learning efficiency enhanced by up to 40%
Ethermind - Chat Example

Users participate in dynamic conversations, receiving instant real-time and post-training responses that ensure engagement and knowledge retention. With pre-trained AI assistance, all delegates have more freedom to plan their learning journey.

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Seamless SSO integration with your current systems

Integration Simplified with 68%

Ethermind is easy-to-use and provides an effortless onboarding process. With a single sign-on process your clients log in easily using their existing credentials, minimizing disruption.

Integrating Ethermind Copilot with our existing LMS was a breeze. The single sign-on feature ensures a smooth onboarding experience for our learners.

IT Director // Training Provider

Streamline revenue growth via licensing training materials


Give access to your learning materials to a broader audience and boost your revenue through ongoing licensing fees.

Ethermind Copilot has opened up new revenue streams for us. We're now licensing our training materials to a wider audience and earning ongoing royalties.

CEO // Training Content Developer

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See how it works

Get in touch to experience more of Ethermind, our platform, the way it works, and the benefits it offers.

Trusted by world-renowned companies

We partner up with the most recognizable industry leaders such as CertNexus and Coursedot to enhance their learning ecosystems. That’s because Ethermind offers an innovative and the most customizable AI expert assistance built for the training industry.

Industry challenges we solve

Overcome the most painful challenges our industry faces nowadays. Ethermind empowers businesses through innovative training solutions.

Designed for efficiency

Stop worrying about low engagement and compromised effectiveness

Keeping learners engaged and ensuring the training actually translates to improved skills or knowledge is a constant battle.

While traditional methods can lead to disinterest and poor retention, Ethermind Copilot offers an approach that makes trainings more engaging.

Built to scale

Diversify your revenue stream by earning ongoing income through licensing fees

With EtherMind you are not only earning money by scaling the number of delegates in an ILT/VILT class, but also joining an ecosystem helping you to monetize your learning resources.

On top of the pre-trained learning materials coming with the product, you also have the flexibility to give access to yours to a broader audience in return for a monthly fee. It’s calculated based on the relevance of your content and answered queries month-to-month.

>> Expand your reach and revenue

>> Monetize existing content

>> Minimal effort, ongoing rewards

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Save trainers' time spent on repetitive tasks

Ethermind helps you free up expensive trainers' time and scale your learning group capacity with the industry’s first AI response platform.

>> Boost trainer efficiency

>> Scale your training capacity

Get started today

Choose from monthly or per training day pricing that aligns with your budget, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

Choose from monthly or per training day pricing that aligns with your budget, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

With a vast network of human experts behind product development, Ethermind is your trainable AI copilot in various areas of expertise.

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Ethermind is an AI-powered training copilot designed to assist certification vendor companies. It helps you address common challenges in the industry, such as maximizing the reach of your training materials and reducing the burden on your training experts.

  • Increased Scalability: Ethermind can handle a large number of trainees, allowing you to expand your reach without needing more trainers.
  • Improved Efficiency: Ethermind automates many tasks, freeing up your trainers' time to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Retention: Ethermind provides 24/7 support to learners, improving knowledge retention and overall learning experience.
  • Boosted Revenue: Ethermind allows you to monetize your training materials through licensing agreements.

Ethermind is designed for certification vendors who offer training programs in various fields, including cybersecurity, project management, and data science.

The Ethermind training ecosystem connects certification vendors, trainers, and learners. It allows you to share your training materials with a wider audience and leverage AI technology to enhance the learning experience.

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