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Expert AI personas built for scaling performance

Shift from dozens unutilized training hours to streamlined Q&A processes that support your trainers and delegates. We’ve been growth hacking the business training space over the past decade. Let us skyrocket your next project!


Clients and partners


EtherMind Copilot:
Powerful solution tailored to fit training best practices

-> Designed by training experts for training companies!

Boost your training efficiency with our library of pre-trained materials. Get started quickly and see results faster.


Expert network

Get access to a vast network of 4,400+ industry experts enriching your training experience with real-world expertise.


Flexible pricing

Choose from monthly or per training day pricing that aligns with your budget, ensuring maximum value for your investment.


AI Expert Personas

EtherMind Copilot creates expert AI personas equipped with everything you need to train and utilize high-performing AI models, from pre-trained materials to unlimited support.

-> What Are AI Expert Personas?

Offload your Q&A process to niche pre-trained
Expert AI Personas dedicated to scaling the training ecosystem.

Equipped with industry-specific wisdom to support your trainers and scale your learning groups.


Industry-Specific Expertise

Tailored to various industries, AI expert personas bring contextually relevant insights to the learning journey.


Thought Leadership

Engage with AI Experts who possess industry influence, staying ahead of trends and offering valuable guidance.


Interactive Learning

Users participate in dynamic conversations, receiving instant real-time and post-training responses that ensure engagement and knowledge retention.

-> How do they work?

-> Benefits of AI personas


Enhanced Engagement

Users interact with personas for immediate, industry-specific answers, promoting active participation.



Organizations can create and manage personas, aligning them with their unique expertise and training philosophy.


Effortless Support

Delegating training support to AI Experts ensures 24/7 assistance, freeing up resources for strategic growth.


Training Support

AI Expert Personas handle user queries in real-time, ensuring a seamless learning experience without added trainer effort.

How it works

Shaping powerful AI solutions is what we do best!


Integrate the platform

it’s simple and requires no coding - leave it to us!


Upload your training materials

EtherMind Copilot is completely trainable with all your materials


Create your personas

create and manage personas, aligning them with your unique expertise and training philosophy.


Let's begin!

EM generates answers in 15 seconds or less

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Having an innovative AI integration tailored for painful industry challenges requires the right skillset for success.

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Cutting-edge solutions that you and your delegates can rely on

Operating on the best-in-class proprietary and open-source Large Language Models

GPT-4-Turbo & GPT-4-Vision

Google Gemini Pro and Ultra

Coming soon

Llama2 and Mistral

On demand


Shaping powerful AI solutions is what we do best

Ready to explore EtherMind? Request a demo today!

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