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Meet your AI training co-pilot

Ethermind empowers your training process, instantly answering customer queries without added trainer effort

Help your trainers focus on what they do best, while an intelligent virtual assistant takes care of your clients

Why Ethermind?

Ethermind supports your trainers, answers questions, helps with creative work, troubleshoots issues, and brainstorm ideas

30% more knowledge

Clients learn through asking questions and receiving answers

1/3 less time

Trainers focus on leading more courses instead of answering questions

100% satisfaction

With 24/7 availability, no questions remain unanswered

How it works?

Ethermind training co-pilot comes pre-trained with the courses and modules from CertNexus and Microsoft libraries. It can also be trained with your knowledge base and materials, giving your clients access to limitless information and options to test their knowledge 


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